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James J. London Brittan

James J. London Brittan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Truly gifted as an exceptional singer and musician, he has undoubtedly made his mark in the world of music and entertainment!

For over twenty years, James has committed himself to being the best he could be, by honing the musical talents that were ever present since he was very young. In the fall of 1973, James started college at Fairmont State in West Virginia. He quickly became a reputable solo act , gracing the West Virginia campus coffee house circuit. Being an aspiring actor also, James found time to work with the fairmont State Community Theater Series. After graduating in 1977, a new era began, boosting James’ professional career. He responded to a once-in-a lifetime opportunity and traveled with Philadelphia International recording artist, The O’Jays, as a roadie on their 20th anniversary tour. Seating himself in both producers and directors chairs for his solo project “Thank you Lady” n along with being a talented and actual “performing” artist, Frisky!” London became his early stage name. He has since become “J London” after signing with the San-Ton/Bluegill Record & Management Family. 

As the novice phases of his musical career have transitioned into a fully-developed knowledge of how it’s done-his sound, more polished and seasoned! On Top of his previous accomplishments, J London was nominated in the 1995 Grammys for the Best R&B Male Vocal Performance, Best R&B Album, and Best R&B Song for his CD “Thank You Lady” He was also a nominee in the Composing and Arrangement field. You can hear the effects of J London’s many years of devotion and experience on his latest CD project entitled “Stop On By” On San-Ton/Bluegill Records. (Download Hear) or itunes, CD Baby.com amazon.com
James “J London” Brittan is a man on the move-make sure have an opportunity to see this remarkable artist perform.